Design Talks | Game Changers: Jenny Sabin on High-Performance Architecture
Jenny Sabin in conversation with Cooper Hewitt Senior Curator of Contemporary Design Ellen Lupton. Jenny E. Sabin’s work is at the forefront of a new direction for twenty-first-century architectural practice—one that investigates the intersections of architecture and science, and applies insights and theories from biology and mathematics to the design of material structures. Her experimental...
The ad shows blocks of color depicting the earth and a T cutting down through the earth simulating their product. The T is also the first letter of an equation. Under the equation is a line depicting a wave in the earth.
Elaine Lustig Cohen’s World of Inspiration
At first glance, this graphic field of squares looks almost like an abstract painting. Although this advertisement targeted scientists, designer Elaine Lustig Cohen captures the attention of laypeople and experts alike. Created in 1958 for the oilfield services company Schulberger, the ad promotes the company’s Sonic Log, a device for the identification of soil properties....
Design Talks | Finding Patterns with David Adjaye
Recorded live on February 4, 2016 at Cooper Hewitt. David Adjaye OBE is an architect and designer known for combining the aesthetics of his African heritage with classic, modernist design. His studio, Adjaye Associates, has established projects on four continents, including the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, scheduled to open...
Waistcoat, France, ca. 1795
Garb for a Gent
The light color palette and spare decoration of this waistcoat are typical of the neoclassical style, which dominated design in the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century. The silhouette is tight-fitting and markedly angular, with the lower hem cut straight across and rectangular pocket plackets. This was a departure from the skirted waistcoats with...
Design by Hand: The Spirit of Marimekko Design
Join us for a discussion with Marimekko designers Aino-Maija Metsola, Mika Piirainen, and Sami Ruotsalainen, as they speak about their approach to design, and the unique vision of the iconic brand. Design by Hand is made possible by the support of Van Cleef & Arpels
View of an opulent bed with ornate hangings
A Bed for a King
An opulent bed, almost completely dominated by its hangings, pushes at the edges of the border in this etching by the French designer and architect, Daniel Marot. This design is for a state bed (lit d’apparat), a bed that was purely ceremonial rather than functional, and kept in royal palaces and aristocratic residences in the...
Designing by Hand with Marimekko
This past week Cooper-Hewitt kicked off Design by Hand, a special program running from fall 2013 through spring 2017, sponsored by Van Cleef & Arpels. This exciting new series focuses on the craftsmanship, innovations, and merits of contemporary global designers. Workshops and talks connect university students, high school students, adults, and families with design. Each...
Harlem Focus | Fabric Printing: Creating Fashionable Impressions
Native Ghanaian fabric designer N'Ketiah Brakohiapa will speak about his process and how his move to Harlem has influenced his work. The Harlem Focus series is made possible through the generous support of Target.
Length of printed cotton crepe with a teal blue ground and a wide central column made up of narrow horizontal rectangles in various shades of blue, green, yellow, white and gray; thin lines extend from the center to the edges of the fabric.
New Day
Often called “England’s Eamses,” Robin and Lucienne Day were a designing couple utterly committed to modernism. The unexpectedness and vitality of their postwar interior furnishings, particularly Lucienne’s pattern designs for textiles, carpets, wallcoverings, and dishware, shaped the look of modern England in the 1950s. Lucienne is rightfully famous for Calyx, the organic design inspired by the work...