Author: Caitlin Condell

Poster depicts an oculus of digital blocks of color, growing more concentrated as the blocks get smaller and closer to the center. Above: el atomo para la paz; below: GENERAL DYNAMICS; center right: solar dynamics.
Looking Ahead in the Atomic Age
The year is 1955, and Cold War tensions have begun to escalate. General Dynamics is a newly formed parent company overseeing eleven manufacturers, producing cutting edge technology for the defense of the United States. The company is capitalizing on the American policy of nuclear deterrence, but John Jay Hopkins, General Dynamics’ president, wants a graphic...
Poster for The Chap-Book, August 1894. A woman dressed in blue at the center of the image stands in a wood, holding a pair of skates. The words The Chap / Book, printed in red cover the lower left portion of the poster.
Baby, It’s Cold Outside!
With the temperature outside at record lows this week, I can’t help but think of William Henry Bradley’s The Blue Lady.  Clutching her ice skates in her left hand, she makes a cold winter’s stroll through the thin, bare trees look elegant and placid.  (It is a sad contrast to the bundle of blue layers...
Poster with black and white photo image (bottom) of woman removing freshly-baked biscuits from oven, set against blue printed background. Top section: Background is composed of a red polka dots on white background; title "A Better Home" appears within central band of blue (ovoid shape).
Electrification for a Better Biscuit
By the 1930s, the vast majority of American urban dwellers had access to electricity in their homes and businesses.  But those in impoverished rural areas were often not serviced by private electric companies, who believed that it was not cost-effective for them to invest in extending power lines into areas of the country that would...
Pendant design with animal imagery (winged deer, squirrels, rabbits) with hanging pear-shaped pearls. Central image features The Temptation: Adam and Eve with serpent hanging from tree. Surrounding the pendant are blackwork ornament designs for enamelists, mostly showing possibilities for the top and sides of rings. First plate of the complete set of 8. (Matted with 6161.1-2/4.2000)
A Jeweled Temptation
In the 1590s, life as a Huguenot in France was tenuous.  Daniel Mignot, a trained goldsmith, must have felt this acutely, for he left his native France and re-established himself in the city of Augsburg, in present day Germany.  While Augsburg offered him the religious freedom to live openly as a Protestant, the city’s laws...
Poster depicting a series of mixers and sliders that categorize the albums of David Bowie between a set of extremes. Featuring seven columns for each album released between 1976-84, with "DAVID/ BOWIE" printed in silver ink in custom typography.
Less Ziggy, More Stardust
There are many ways to celebrate an anniversary.  To commemorate a decade of working together as the design duo Non-Format, Kjell Ekhorn and Jon Forss did not opt for the traditional gifting of tin, pewter, or aluminum.  Instead, they pooled their creative energies towards a personal project that drew upon their shared love of David...
rhinoceros woodcut print
Introducing the Rhinoceros
In the age of Instagram, it is easy to forget that there was a time—in fact, most of time—when information about what an animal looked like was passed between continents by sketches and word of mouth.  If this rhinoceros looks a little funny, with whiskers under his chin and scale-covered plates, it is because Albrecht...
picnic screen print
A Nice Day for a Picnic
In 1970, Steven Frykholm was working as the in-house graphic designer for the furniture manufacturer Herman Miller, Inc., when a company vice-president stopped by his desk.  Every summer, the VP said, Herman Miller hosted a company picnic.  Perhaps Frykholm would make up a poster for the event? Frykholm already had a passion for screenprinting, a...
Screenprinted (artist's proof) poster with the text "OIL & WATER" and a rectangular block with a wavy line suggesting water printed in brown oil. White paper ground shows through the block to form the text "DO NOT MIX" "GULF OF MEXICO - 2010".
Basic Chemistry
Years ago, I was out sick the week that my fellow high school students studied the periodic table.  I’ve always blamed missing that foundational moment of scientific education for my very poor mastery of some basic chemistry.  But there are certain concepts that I have had the opportunity to learn through personal experience.  Every day...
An Adler typewriter with typed piece of paper. Across the top: Adler. Lower right, in black ink: Adlerwerke vorm / Heinrich Kleyer AG / Zimmerftr.92/93.
Seduced by an Object Poster

The turn of the twentieth century was an exciting time to be a graphic designer in Berlin.  The city, which had once been the sleepy capital of the Kingdom of Prussia, had rapidly transformed into a booming metropolis, bustling with the energy of industrial progress.  At a moment when everything seemed to be changing, the printed poster offered an exhilarating opportunity to explore the alliance of art and industry, particularly to one precocious young man.

Katagami Design Demonstration
On March 16th, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum hosted a fascinating demonstration of the process of a traditional form of Japanese stencil carving  (katagami) and its use in the technique of resist-dyeing textiles (katazome) at the Cooper-Hewitt Design Center in Harlem. The event had its origins in a visit that Yuki Ikuta, Assistant Curator of the...