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Design and Social Impact: A cross-sectoral agenda for design education, research and practice chronicles the 2012 Social Impact Design Summit which brought together a diverse group of leading practitioners and educators explored the gaps, challenges, strategies to advance the burgeoning field of socially responsible design. Organized by Cooper-Hewitt, The Lemelson Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts, with support from the Surdna Foundation, the day-long event was held at The Rockefeller Foundation offices in New York.

  • Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 4.49.19 PM

    Design and Social Impactby Cooper Hewitt

    An exploration of gaps, challenges, and strategies to advance the burgeoning field…

DesignFile: Cooper Hewitt’s ebook series


DesignFile is a line of ebooks on design writing and research accessible through any e-book reader for just US$2.99. New titles are added to the series throughout the year.

  • Widows Unveiled

    Widows Unveiled: Fashionable Mourning in Late Victorian New…by Rebecca McNamara

    Somber black crepe gowns, long black veils, a strand of Whitby jet…

  • DesignForRepair_post

    Design for Repairby Derrick Mead

    Design for Repair investigates the historical and current state of repair in…

  • Design-Cult_Ebook

    Design Cultby Steven Heller

    An entertaining new collection of ruminations on the nature and future of…

  • Misers-Purse-Ebook

    The Miser’s Purseby Laura Camerlengo

    The story of how a small, decorative purse became deeply embedded in…

  • Cover of Hacking Design ebook, yellow background with plain typography.

    Hacking Designby Avinash Rajagopal

    Examining common histories and persisting misunderstandings between hackers and designers, from Makerbot…

  • Book cover for Favelization. Orange background with simple typography.

    Favelizationby Adriana Kertzer

    Examining the ways in which specific producers of contemporary Brazilian culture have…

Design Journal

  • "Design Journal" cover featuring monochromatic, textural surface and the word "Beauty" repeated three times in distorted fashions.

    Design Journal Fall 2015

    Download this issue for free! Includes an article on the nation-wide expansion…

  • DesignJournal_Cover_Spring2015_feature

    Design Journal Spring 2015

    Download this issue for free!

  • Overlapping circles of lights

    Design Journal Fall 2014

    Grand reopening edition of the museum's bi-annual journal.

Education Kit

  • the text "what is design?" appears below an image of the cooper hewitt mansion, cracked open like a can of beans, with colorful objects (glasses, a globe, a pencil, lightbulb, etc) spilling out in a cloud formation

    K-12 Teacher Resource Packetby Cooper Hewitt Education

    This packet provides several resources on how to continue integrating design thinking…

Exhibition Catalogs


Browse titles available for purchase at The Shop Online. Museum members receive 10% off all Shop purchases. Become a member and save today!

  • Scraps: Fashion, Textiles, and Creative Reuse

    Scraps: Fashion, Textiles, and Creative Reuseby Susan Brown and Matilda McQuaid

    The textile and fashion industries produce millions of tons of solid waste…

  • By the People: Designing a Better America

    By the People: Designing a Better Americaby Cynthia E. Smith

    The catalog to the exhibition, By the People: Designing a Better America,…

  • Cover

    Beauty—Cooper Hewitt Design Triennialby Ellen Lupton and Andrea Lipps

    Seeking the sublime in the most innovative new design across all categories,…

  • HPW_front_cover_feature

    How Posters Workby Ellen Lupton

    With its unique focus on visual language, Ellen Lupton’s How Posters Work…

  • A large book, shaped like an oversized brick, in bright red, that says in all caps MAKING DESIGN along the spine, beside cooper hewitt logo, and the numbers 210,000 and 1145 on the front cover

    Making Designby Cara McCarty and Matilda McQuaid

    To mark the occasion of Cooper Hewitt’s reopening, and virtual and physical…

  • Text says TOOLS above a photo of a single clothespin

    Toolsby Cara McCarty and Matilda McQuaid

    From the earliest times to the present, tools have been at the…

  • blueprint of a woman's face, complete with measurements

    Beautiful Usersby Ellen Lupton, Thomas Carpentier and Tiffany Lambert

    From user research to hacking, open source to maker culture, Beautiful Users…

  • Painting of two men standing on a beach.

    My Favorite Thingsby Maira Kalman

    A poignant and witty meditation on the importance of both quotidian and…

  • close-up image of a work surface with spools of colorful thread and other supplies

    Design Life Now (Softcover)by Barbara Bloemink, Brooke Hodge, Ellen Lupton, and Matilda McQuaid

    Celebrating the most creative and forward thinking designs, trends, and future horizons…

  • Frederic Church, Winslow Homer and Thomas Moran: Tourism and the American Landscape

    Tourism and the American Landscapeby Barbara Bloemink, Sarah Burns, Gail Davidson, and Karal Ann Marling

    Exploring the promotion of nature tourism in nineteenth-century America through Cooper-Hewitt's extraordinary…

Historical Publications Online


Available in full online, these publications from 1897-1987 are focused on the museum's vast collection.

  • blue translucent shapes and a silhouette of a hand on a black background

    Studios & workshops today

    An illustrated directory of ceramics and textile artists in the New York…

  • stylized depiction, blocky and simplified forms, of a pile of orange textiles with a large sword and other objects resting on top. japanese characters, hand written and cascading vertically, in the white space above the image.

    Japanese woodblock prints

    Woodblock printing, an ancient craft, rose to its greatest heights in Japan…

  • a line drawing, very ornate with leaves and flowers, showing highly flourished letters A, B, and C being painted by large figures in the scene.

    Recueil d’alphabets : dédié aux artistes

    A collection of several hand-drawn alphabets, recreated one per page.

  • drawings of five old-fashioned looking white people in different fancy garments

    Fashion plates in the collection of the Cooper-Hewitt…

    In the days before photographs, detailed fashion illustrations were used to portray…

  • Half of a fan shown, as if peeking out from the left edge of the page. the top is a realistically painted scene on paper, the bottom is ornately carved, even lacelike white support sticks holding the paper.

    Folding fans in the collection of the Cooper-Hewitt…

    In its early history as a costume accessory in the East and…

  • what appears to be an urn with a lid, made of silver and totally covered in molded imagery--imagery of plants, shells, people and animals all swirling around the exterior of the urn

    Silver in the collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum

    Designers and craftsmen in the precious metals have traditionally held a distinguished…

  • a sketch in golds and browns depicting two very grandiose building exteriors with domes, steeples and columns.

    Theater designs in the collection of the Cooper-Hewitt…

    While video technology allows us to document theater more easily today, the…

  • A black glossy ceramic plate against a black background, with swirling blue vines and white and orange flowers.

    Pottery in the collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum

    Nearly all cultures from prehistoric times to the present have produced some…

  • A dome shaped cap with cute rainbows and clouds embroidered on it. It looks old, as it is faded.

    Western European embroidery in the collection of the…

    A sampling of the many hundreds of embroidered items in the Cooper…

  • Four silhouettes of a fancy carved chair, arranged diagonally across the page as if sneaking closer

    Furniture in the collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum

    The history of furniture is a record of the continuity of design…