The Architecture of Health: Hospital Design and the Construction of Dignity
The Architecture of Health is a story about the design and life of hospitals.
Design Around Town: An Activity Book
Follow Sofia as she experiences design around town!
A vertical book cover. The title "E. McKnight Kauffer: The Artist in Advertising" appears at the top in a san serif font in red and teal. The background of the cover is a detail from a larger image. The part shown is a yellow and brown arch over fields of beige, brown, and teal. A man on a motorcycle, rendered if grayscale, appears at the lower right, positioned as if he is riding on the arch.
E. McKnight Kauffer: The Artist in Advertising
Cooper Hewitt's groundbreaking monograph on the work of graphic artist E. McKnight Kauffer.
A book cover with a collage of shapes in blue, yellow, pink, and green. A central white outline with five sides in the shape of a house contains the book's title "Design at Home Activity Book."
Design at Home
In Design at Home, you’ll get hands-on experience in thinking like a designer. Explore design solutions, relax with a coloring page, and dream up your next big idea.
Book cover with graph paper background with black, underlined text that reads “Health Design Thinking” and a yellow, diagonal banner that reads in all caps “Coming Soon.” A line illustration of a person is also featured with a stethoscope and red heart.
Health Design Thinking: Creating Products and Services for Better Health
As health care systems around the globe struggle to expand access, improve outcomes, and control costs, Health Design Thinking offers a new approach for designing dynamic, responsive health care products and services.
Rectangular book cover featuring a photograph of three fashion models. The two on the right wear oversized garments and headpieces with dramatic makeup while the model on the left wears graphic black-and-white fabric and sunglasses. Overlaid in white is the text Willi Smith: Street Couture.
Willi Smith: Street Couture
Fashion designer Willi Smith, pioneer of streetwear and visionary collaborator, finally gets his due in an exuberant celebration of his life and work.
Book cover feauting a dynamic smorgasbord of icons and storytelling elements, including emojis, three little pigs, underwear, ice cream cones, and a glass slipper. "Design Is Storytelling Ellen Lupton" appears in bubbles and giant letters.
Design Is Storytelling
Good design, like good storytelling, brings ideas to life. The latest book from award-winning writer Ellen Lupton is a playbook for creative thinking, showing designers how to use storytelling techniques to create satisfying graphics, products, services and experiences. Whether crafting a digital app or a data-rich publication, designers invite people to enter a scene and...
book cover with colorful Renaissance monsters
Fragile Beasts Coloring Book
Edited by Caitlin Condell, Assistant Curator of Drawings, Prints & Graphic Design Illustrated by Magali An Berthon Download a PDF of the entire coloring book! (31 MB) Discover hidden monsters and awaken serpents, chimeras, dragons, and gargoyles in this coloring book inspired by grotesque ornament prints from the 16th and 17th centuries. Animals become alternately...
A large book, shaped like an oversized brick, in bright red, that says in all caps MAKING DESIGN along the spine, beside cooper hewitt logo, and the numbers 210,000 and 1145 on the front cover
Making Design
To mark the occasion of Cooper Hewitt’s reopening, and virtual and physical renovation, the museum is publishing an expansive book based on its unparalleled collection, which consists of more than 210,000 objects from all over the world, spanning 30 centuries. Designed by Irma Boom, and a wonderful design object in itself at over 900 pages,...