Designing for Change Toolkit
This toolkit takes you step by step in demonstrating how the design process can lead to meaningful innovation in your community. Designing for change in a community does not fall solely on the shoulders of political leaders or professional designers but can be initiated and led by youth and everyday citizens. Our hope is that...
Design Around Town: An Activity Book
Follow Sofia as she experiences design around town!
A book cover with a collage of shapes in blue, yellow, pink, and green. A central white outline with five sides in the shape of a house contains the book's title "Design at Home Activity Book."
Design at Home
In Design at Home, you’ll get hands-on experience in thinking like a designer. Explore design solutions, relax with a coloring page, and dream up your next big idea.
the text "what is design?" appears below an image of the cooper hewitt mansion, cracked open like a can of beans, with colorful objects (glasses, a globe, a pencil, lightbulb, etc) spilling out in a cloud formation
K-12 Teacher Resource Packet
This packet provides several resources on how to continue integrating design thinking connections into your classroom, including recommended activities and selected key lesson plans from Cooper Hewitt’s Educator Resource Center (ERC). ERC has over 400 free standards-based K-12 design-focused lesson plans written primarily by classroom teachers from around the country.