Widows Unveiled: Fashionable Mourning in Late Victorian New York
Somber black crepe gowns, long black veils, a strand of Whitby jet beads or a bracelet braided from a loved one’s hair, black-edged handkerchiefs—these were just some of the trappings of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century mourning. Middle- and upper-class Americans of this era were expected to follow strict etiquette guidelines in all aspects of...
Design for Repair
Design for Repair investigates the historical and current state of repair in material culture as it applies specifically to product designers.
Design Cult
An entertaining new collection of ruminations on the nature and future of design.
The Miser’s Purse
The story of how a small, decorative purse became deeply embedded in 19th-century Victorian popular culture.
Cover of Hacking Design ebook, yellow background with plain typography.
Hacking Design
Examining common histories and persisting misunderstandings between hackers and designers, from Makerbot to Hacking Ikea to DIY.