A vertical magazine cover with the words "Design Journal" in light blue stacked in the upper right corner. Superimposed diagonally on the cover's green background is a poster. The poster pictures an illustration of a blue room with Earth floating in it. Above this illustration are the words "Give Earth a Chance."
Design Journal Summer 2020
Download this issue for free! It includes: Climate and science writer Tatiana Schlossberg on the inefficiencies of society’s infrastructures National Design Award winner Mark Chambers on civic design initiatives to combat climate change Stuart Candy, profession of design at Carnegie Mellon, on the immediacy of design and the future Wahleah Johns, cofounder and executive director...
Cover of an issue of "Design Journal". Two robotic ants gather around a blue object against a gray background. At the upper right, the words "Design Journal" appear in purple.
Design Journal Summer 2019
Download this issue for free! It includes research from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, innovations in sustainability in active wear, a history of plastics from the nineteenth century to the present, projects from college students battling climate change, and a conversation with Don Ingber and Joanna Aizenberg from the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering...
Design Journal Winter 2018: Mobility
Download this issue for free! It includes expert takes on the future of mobility, discourse on collective data and urban environments, Cooper Hewitt’s presentation on facial recognition at the 2018 London Design Biennale, and mid-century car drawings from Cooper Hewitt’s collection.
Design Journal Summer 2018
Download this issue for free! It includes conservation of Cooper Hewitt’s historical mansion as well as contemporary design exhibition, new perspectives on design education, theories on color in a digital world, and a rumination on design and culture by designer and artist Rebeca Méndez in conjunction with her exhibition presented at Cooper Hewitt.
Design Journal Winter 2017
Download this issue for free! It includes August de los Reyes, Jeffrey Mansfield, and Walei Sabry writing on design and agency; Mario Carpo on revolutions in architecture, including the work of Joris Laarman Lab; profiles on the Axis Project and artist Emilie Gossiaux by Steve Landau; and an interview with Susan Grant Lewin on her...
Cover of "Design Journal" magazine featuring white text overlaying a green wallpaper inset with white lines.
Design Journal Spring/Summer 2017: Optimism
Download this issue for free! It includes an exploration of Alice Waters and the Edible Schoolyard Project, the Ability Project at NYU on designing a more accessible museum, a celebration of design optimism by curatorial director Cara McCarty, an interview with Esperanza Spalding, and eggs…
Design Journal Winter 2016
Download this issue for free! It includes FABSCRAP founder Jessica Schreiber’s approach to combating fashion waste, Rebel Nell‘s defiant approach to jewelry design and business models in Detroit, a history of library architecture in New York City, and a stroll through Harlem in the Jazz Age by Ryan Maloney of The National Jazz Museum in...
Design Journal Spring 2016
Download this issue for free! It includes a tribute to design writer Phil Patton; an interview with George Kravis, whose modern design collection was on display at Cooper Hewitt in the exhibition Energizing the Everyday; and an article on the Smithsonian’s ambitious campaign to digitize museum collections.
"Design Journal" cover featuring monochromatic, textural surface and the word "Beauty" repeated three times in distorted fashions.
Design Journal Fall 2015
Download this issue for free! Includes an article on the nation-wide expansion of Cooper Hewitt’s Design in the Classroom initiative, an interview with Good Dinosaur director Peter Sohn, and a meta-conversation on Beauty.