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Image features a stylized floral design printed in muted colors of blue and green. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Falling into Flowers
Gently swirling clusters of flowers and their accompanying foliage weave across this delicately colored repeat. Soft blues and greens evoke freshly opened blossoms while the stormy gray background suggests a recent or impending shower. Curving between the main clusters are constellations of small white blooms that highlight the rest of the composition, adding a layer...
Image features a cat standing on two feet on top of a sleeping dog below a grainy image of Saturn against a black background. Haunting feline eyes appear in the background. The central image is surrounded by white curving, bird-like forms on either side. White and black text appears against a blue background, surrounding the central image. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Reflections on a Cosmic Cat
As the San Francisco rock scene grew in the 1960s, posters were commissioned by the concert promoter Bill Graham for shows at popular venues such as the Fillmore Auditorium. David Singer produced more posters for Graham than any other artist, designing 75 posters from 1969 to 1990.[1] Although he had an unusual background for a...
Image features Circular green radio with semi-circular station dial at top front above circular brown textile-covered speaker with three vertical metal rods as grille; three circular control knobs below speaker. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Radio in the Round
The cost and large size of early radios made them status objects for the home. Their housings were made of wood and often imitated cabinet furniture in traditional styles. But, by the early 1930s and the rise of Modernism, sophisticated consumers began to update their interiors, and furnishings such as radios followed suit. In 1930,...
Textile, Cairo, 2015; Produced by Knoll Textiles (United States); 38% recycled solution-dyed nylon, 32% rayon, 30% cotton; H x W: 330.2 × 144.5 cm (10 ft. 10 in. × 56 7/8 in.); Gift of Knoll Textiles; 2015-30-5
When world-renowned architect David Adjaye was invited to curate an exhibition for the museum’s Selects series in 2015, he quickly chose to focus on the museum’s little-known collection of West African textiles, including works from Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and Mali. Having devoted eleven years to an in-depth study of the architecture of the African...
Image shows abstract expressionist wallpaper design by Jean de Botton. Please scroll down for additional information on this piece
Artistic Expression on the Wall
Maja is a mid-century paper produced by a German manufacturer, designed by an American artist born in Greece but active in France and the USA. This is one of three papers in the museum collection by Jean de Botton, and while all his wallpaper designs are rather abstract this is the only one with no...
Sweet Peas
Mrs. Henrietta Maria Benson Homer exhibited Sweet Peas at the Brooklyn Art Association in April 1876, asking the relatively modest sum of $20 for the work.[1] In the same show, her son—Winslow Homer—also exhibited work.  Henrietta had taught her son the basics of drawing and painting, and helped to spark his interest in watercolor.  After...
Image features a ring composed of an wide adjustable silver band featuring a large piece of iridescent abalone shell with a lustrous baroque pearl. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Find a Treasure at the End of the Rainbow
The colors of the rainbow are captured in this ring by Francisco Rebajes, highlighting the luminescence that naturally occurs in abalone shell and pearls. This adornment for the hand  is composed of an adjustable silver band featuring a lustrous mass of shell from the abalone, a type of sea snail, combined with a baroque pearl...
Image features a roughly square book in the form of a bright red plastic portfolio with a T-shaped handle at the top. The cover is embellished with a large silver-toned letter Y with the word YLEM superimposed in red. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
A Maverick’s Futuristic Manifesto
Author: Evelyn Meynard Published in 1971, Ylem is a manifesto that contains a collection of designs and texts by the German industrial designer Luigi Colani, held in the Cooper Hewitt National Design Library .
Image features a wallpaper with a scrolling floral design printed to imitate a silk damask. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Rococo Influences
This floral wallpaper was produced in the early 20th century where the large-scale floral motif and scrolling stem and foliage convey the organic and sensuous nature of the art nouveau style. This paper is part of an unbound wallpaper sample book that contained a wide variety of designs in the art nouveau and Mission styles....