National Design Award

Image of three people on stage, left is Andrea Lipps, who wears a dark shirt and glasses, and has a dark bob haircut, Derek Lam in the middle, wears a dark tshirt and holds a microphone and Ivan Poupyrev on the right, who is wearing a dark button up shirt and is looking at and listening to Derek
2019 NDA Winners’ Salons: Ivan Poupyrev and Derek Lam
Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the National Design Awards at Cooper Hewitt! In this 20 minute talk, Ivan Poupyrev | Interaction Design Award Winner, and Derek Lam | Fashion Design Award Winner talk with Andrea Lipps, Cooper Hewitt Associate Curator for Contemporary Design on the topic “Design and the Body” ABOUT NATIONAL DESIGN WEEK Launched...
Tinker Hatfield, NDA winner, has his arm around Spike Lee, while standing at a podium at the National Design Awards
2019 National Design Awards Gala
Live from Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City. The 20th Annual National Design Awards is made possible by generous support from Target. Additional support is provided by Design Within Reach, Facebook, and Bloomberg Philanthropies. National Design Award trophies are created by The Corning Museum of Glass. is powered by Behance, part...
Jennifer Morla: Experimental Typography
In celebration of the milestone 20th anniversary of the National Design Awards, this week’s Object of The Day posts honor National Design Award winners. What does “typography” mean to you? Does the word stir up contempt for Comic Sans and Papyrus, or does it conjure a death match between Times New Roman and Helvetica? For...
panel discussion National Design awards in Boston. four women on a stage with microphones.
2018 National Design Awards in Boston
Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum celebrates the 2018 National Design Awards in Boston with a lively conversation with National Design Award winners, including: Mikyoung Kim, Founding Principal, Mikyoung Kim Design (Landscape Architecture Award) Sunanda Sharma, researcher, The Mediated Matter Group (Interaction Design Award) Anne Whiston Spirn, landscape architect, professor, and author (Design Mind Award) Read...
Image features a tornado-like object composed of metal strips at center; text in blue above in a wavy line; text on either side, and photographs of buildings. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
In the Eye of the Tornado: Rethinking the Limits of Design
Today’s Object of the Day celebrates the winners of Cooper Hewitt’s National Design Awards. Honoring lasting achievement in American design, the Awards take place annually during National Design Week, with festivities for all ages celebrating design creativity and innovation. Today’s blog post was originally published on March 29, 2018. As design director for her alma mater, Art Center...
Image features a horizontal envelope with "The Public Theater" written vertically down the left side in black and red fonts. Please scroll down to read the blogpost about this object.
Everyone’s Public Theater
Paula Scher’s identity for New York’s Public Theater has become the ne plus ultra of graphic design. When it was created in 1994, no one had ever seen anything quite like it. With its bold red and black typography, the logo combined letters of different sizes, weights, and spacing, running vertically down the side of...
Panelists talk to a large audience during National Design Awards panel in Boston 2017
2017 National Design Awards in Boston
Live from the National Design Awards reception in Boston!
Okay, Bye
Graphic designer and visual artist Geoff McFetridge created this striking poster in 2015 to advertise the play “Okay, Bye” performed by the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago, Illinois. As with many of McFetridge’s designs, the poster uses bold colors and simple forms to communicate a visual riddle. Two pairs of black shoes distinguish the owners...
Picture of a Designed by Rick Valicenti
gee dad, modern design, huh?
This poster by graphic designer Rick Valicenti is loaded with iconic commercial imagery. In 1994, Valicenti received the commission to design a poster introducing the Northstar and Broughton Printing Company’s new eight-color press. His resulting design is at once an advertisement for the new press as well as a provocation that questions the role of...