Brooch in artform holder
The Secret Life Of Jewelry
Ever wonder what your jewelry does when you aren’t wearing it? This brooch by the British art jeweler and goldsmith Kevin Coates demonstrates Coates grappling with this question. When Coates creates a piece of jewelry he often also designs an elaborate and beautiful housing for it to live in when not being worn, allowing the...
Tiffany Exhibition Catalog_Cover and Title Page
Tiffany & Co. at the Chicago Fair
Founded in 1837, Tiffany & Co. by the late 19th century had become one of the leading manufacturers and retailers in America of fine jewelry and luxury items.  This small catalog lists items on display from Tiffany & Co.  in the Manufacturers and Liberal Arts Building at the Chicago’s World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893.  The...
Dining Rooms to Diamonds
Collegiate-gothic wood panels, a matching china cabinet stocked with warmly tinted salmon and blue plates, a wallpaper frieze evoking an endlessly rolling copse… A pleasing air of big-house formality and anticipated social gaiety pervades this dreamy circa 1909 scheme for a private dining hall. It’s one of the class assignments Izabel M. Coles (1890-1964) completed...
Good as Gold
The English word filigree derives from the Latin filum, a thread, and grano, a grain or bead, through the Italian term filigrana. Filigree exists as a design technique even further back in antiquity than ancient Rome. While now a specialization, earlier jewelers, especially in Egypt, the Middle East, Italy, France and Spain, considered it part of...
Right-facing American flag consisting of 48 blue paste “stars,” in upper left; alternating red and white “stripes” (22 red glass paste “rubies” and 22 transparent glass paste “diamonds”) unfurled on a gilded metal flag pole with two free-swinging tassels suspended from fine link chains at the top; the tassels fringes hinged at the neck, allowing for movement.
Grand Old Flag
Patriotic jewelry is a term for works that are inspired by national symbols like flags or their colors. In the United Sates, the American flag, “Old Glory,” along with the American eagle and Uncle Sam, have been among the most popular motifs. While patriotic jewelry in both precious and non-precious materials has been around at least...
Gold brooch with oval carved sapphire cameo of Cybelle or Isis (or the Personification of Italy) seated on a throne; framed by sapphires, diamonds, and pendant with sapphire drop in gold; mounting with ruby and emerald chips.
Patriotism through Historicism
The Castellani jewelry firm (1814 – 1927) became known for its “Italian Archaeological jewelry,”[1] which consisted of copies and imitations of Roman, Greek, and Etruscan jewelry. The firm’s works in this style became especially popular starting in the 1850s due to a rise in nationalism as a result of efforts to unify Italy, though they...
Two earclips and a brooch, each in the form of an oak leaf with a gold stem and veining, filled with deep green and dark red plique-à-jour enamel. Earclips have plastic ear cushions. Attached to each piece by a green cord is a circular stamped lead seal with mark.
Early Autumn Leaves
An early September drive into New Hampshire took me out of my routine, away from my desk, and encouraged me to slow down and catch the transition from summer to autumn, something I’ve missed in recent years. The warm and intense autumn colors of New England foliage were a special treat, and come to mind as I study,...
Cut and entwinned ribbon silver brooch, with basse-taille enamel.
A Pretty Thought in a Variety of Shapes
In summer, when weddings are frequent, the thought of objects given in affection or love, makes a visit to the jewelry collection seem appropriate. This heart-form brooch is one of a group of jewelry by Charles Horner (English, 1821-1896) given to the Museum in December. Horner (English, 1821-1896) was an actual silversmith, watchmaker and enamellist...
DesignBoost NYC: Efva Attling
DesignBoost NYC was a two-day design conference held at Cooper-Hewitt in June 2011. Thirteen speakers specializing in everything from biomechanics to filmmaking addressed the conference’s theme, “Design Beyond Design” in this series of short talks.