Stage Two Finalists


Congratulations to Claire Christianson on being named the winner of Student Design Challenge #ThinkOutside!

The top five chair designs selected as Challenge finalists and chosen from designs submitted from nineteen states across the USA:

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Claire Christianson

Minnesota, age 16
Inspiration Object: Art Nouveau Vase

Lauren Schrempp

New York, age 16
Inspiration Object: Poster by Mark Gowing

Valerie Taranto

New Jersey, age 16
Inspiration Object: Man’s Hat (ashetu) from Cameroon

Ryan Thompson

Illinois, age 16
Inspiration Object: USALite Swivel-Head Flashlight

Tanner Wall

Florida, age 18
Inspiration Object: PH Artichoke Hanging Lamp


Here are the four Honorable Mentions representing the North, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest of the USA.

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Clifton Askew

Southeast: Florida, age 17
Inspiration Object: Sugar Bowl and Creamer

Amanda Clark

North: Kansas, age 17
Inspiration Object: Wrapping Cloth (Pojagi)

Oliver Hsu

Southwest: California, age 17
Inspiration Object: Murano Glass Vase

Vivian Jiang

Northeast: New York, age 16
Inspiration Object: Sugar Bowl and Creamer

next steps in stage two

Each finalist will participate in an individual videoconference with an assigned designer from Target the week of March 7, 2016. The purpose of this videoconference is to provide each finalist with feedback and technical expertise to further develop their design concept.

Each selected finalist will be welcomed in New York City for the weekend of Friday, April 1 to Sunday, April 3, 2016. On Saturday, finalists will attend a design workshop at Cooper Hewitt, as well as meet Target designers and Cooper Hewitt educators.  On Sunday, April 3, each finalist will present his or her design in person to the judges.

April 4, 2016

Winner announced online

Target experts

The leading Target furniture designers who will advise our five finalists in Stage Two of the Challenge.

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The student design challenge judges

A diverse panel of creative experts will meet  with the finalists in New York City to review and discuss their designs. The judges will then confer to choose the winner.

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Competition Advisor: Susanna Sirefman, President, Dovetail Design Strategists LLC