Rachel Shechtman is the founder of STORY, a NYC based concept store known for its ever-changing approach to retail. A fourth generation entrepreneur, Rachel began her career as a consultant, launching Cube Ventures as a retail and marketing consultancy that advised clients including Bliss Spas, TOMS, Microsoft, Kraft Foods, JC Penney, GAP, AOL, and the CFDA.

Informed by that work, Rachel opened STORY in 2011 as a brick-and-mortar space that bridged retail and media through narrative-driven, branded concepts. Located at 10th Ave. and 19th St., STORY quickly established a reputation among innovators by positioning itself as a space that took the point of view of a magazine, changed like a gallery, and sold things like a store.

Since opening, STORY has worked with over 2000 brands and small businesses, hosted over 350 community focused events, and produced 28 different concepts, ranging in scope from “Wellness” and “Design” to “Made in America.” Brand partners have included GE, American Express OPEN, Target, Pepsi, Intel and others.