Frequently Asked Questions


Is there aN ENTRY fee?

No. There is no entry fee.

May I submit more than one project to the challenge?

No. You may only submit one entry to the challenge.

I have submitted my entry. Will I receive any additional information via my email?

No. You only will receive a confirmation of your entry submission via email.

Do I need to send a copy of my high school ID when I upload my submission?

No. You do not and should not upload a copy of your high school student ID when you submit.

Can I write more than 50 words about my design concept?

No. Your description must be no more than 50 words (250 characters).

What if I did not receive a confirmation email?

It may take several minutes to receive your confirmation email.  If you did not receive a confirmation email please check your spam/junk mailbox.

i am submitting a .jpg of my chair design at 300dpi. is there also a required pixel size?

Yes. The .jpg or .png file of your design must be 1024 X 768 pixels.

I AM eighteen years of age and in high school. do i still need the parent/guardian form signed?

Yes. If you are currently 18 or 19 and in high school you are still required to have a parent/guardian review and sign the consent form.

is there a standard file-naming format required for uploading the design sketches and permission forms?

No. Make sure your name or identifying marks are not included on your submitted drawings or drawing file name.

as the challenge application form only accepts one drawing, does this mean that two required perspectives of the chair (front and side) should be uploaded as one image?


is it acceptable to include the background in my submission drawing in order to show where in the garden i imagine my chair being placed?

Yes. It is fine to draw the required perspectives of your chair design in the Cooper Hewitt Arthur Ross Terrace and Garden setting.

is it a requirement that the drawings i scan and submit be hand drawn?

No. It is not a requirement that the drawings you scan and submit be drawn by hand.

is it ok to use software to create and generate an image for my submission drawings?

Yes. The drawing you submit can be either hand drawn or drawn on a computer.

if it is essential to my design, may one of the drawings submitted show front and back and the second one a side view?

No. You must submit two drawings of your chair: a view of the chair from the side and a view of the chair from the front including a human figure standing next to the chair.

are measurements required for my chair design drawings?

No. You don’t need to include dimensions or measurements. You must include a human figure standing next to one of the views of your chair to give a sense of scale.


i am a u.s. citizen living and attending high school abroad. am i eligible to enter?

No. To be eligible to enter you must be a high school student, between the ages of 13-19, residing within the 50 United States during the competition timeline (through October 30, 2016)

are international students eligible to participate?

Yes. Any student may enter provided they are, between the ages of 13-19, residing within the 50 United States during the competition timeline (through October 30, 2016)

I work part-time at a target store. does this disqualify me from entering the challenge?

Yes. Unfortunately all employees of Target Corporation are not eligible to enter the Challenge.

Chair Materials

is glass or clear acrylic allowed as a material for components of my chair design?

No. You may only use the materials listed on our website: steel, aluminum, wrought iron, wood, faux-wood, wicker, rattan, rope and outdoor fabric.

design requirements

should my chair be designed to ACCOMMODATE just one person, or can my chair design allow for multiple people to sit on it?

Your chair design should accommodate a single person only. Benches or love seats that accommodate two or more persons may be disqualified.

is paint or stain allowed on my chair design?

Yes. You may specify a paint color or stain provided it is for use on the list of materials provided.

is it acceptable to submit one or two point perspective drawings of the front and side views of my chair design?

Yes. You may submit one or two point perspective drawings of the front and side of your chair.

IS IT ok to submit a design for a hanging chair?

Your chair design must be able to support itself standing on the Garden’s flat, ground surface.

are cushions created from the outdoor fabric allowed for the design?

Cooper Hewitt leaves the design of your chair at your discretion. Do keep in mind that your chair design should be easy to use, comfortable, moveable, durable, easy to clean and maintain and safe.

Still have questions?

The open question session time between January 12 and February 15 has concluded. All answers to questions are posted on this page.