Teacher and student resources

For teachers

Want to get your students involved in the Student Design Challenge? Here are some options to get you started.

I want to let my students know about the contest.

Thanks! You can download this mini poster for your classroom or school bulletin board.

I want to make this a class project.

Great! We have created a lesson plan and have resources for you. Follow the lesson step-by-step or utilize what fits with your needs:

If you love design and would like to find new ways to incorporate design into your classroom, visit our free online Educator Resource Center (ERC). The ERC hosts over 400 design-based lesson plans written by teachers like you.

for students

Need a little help thinking about how to approach this design challenge? Here are some resources to help ignite your creative thinking:

Having trouble thinking of how to bring qualities of an inspiration object into your chair design? Check out how these designers took on a similar challenge.