Vera Giraudo, grade 10
Avenues The World School, New York, NY
Teacher: Gretel Schwartzott

My design shows which states have mandated free menstrual products in schools. A study found that 80% of menstruating teens said they have missed class time because they did not have access to period products. One’s education should not be interrupted because there is no access to necessary health products. I found the data I used from the Alliance for Period Supplies. Data can also be gathered from each state’s legislation. I created a design that was visually striking to catch the attention of viewers. I did this by recreating a shocking material in my work: blood. An important part of my design is that the blood looks realistic and striking, while still normalizing period blood. Period poverty is a global issue that everyone, regardless of whether they menstruate, should care about. Non-menstruators do not face issues like these every day, so it is my goal to bring this issue to everyone. To do this I will display my piece in communal places.

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