Tiffany Kurniawan, grade 9
Granada Hills Charter High School, Granada Hills, CA
Teacher: Jackie Ying

In 2020, 11,654 Americans died in alcohol-related driving accidents, which makes up 30% of all driving fatalities. Despite this problematic statistic, 53.5% of people believe that they are capable of driving after drinking. To decrease alcohol-impaired driving fatalities, people must understand the true horrors of drunk driving. The data I am visualizing is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics of motor vehicle crashes in 2020. The dataset includes an analysis of how behavioral factors, such as alcohol-impaired driving, affect fatality trends. Additionally, I used the American Addiction Centers’ website to learn about the attitudes and habits of drunk drivers. “1/11654” is a colorful public art installation that brings awareness to the risks of alcohol-impaired driving. This eye-catching design depicts each alcohol-impaired driving fatality as a 1/64 scale car, modified to reflect a post-collision car. The sculpture is accompanied by a plaque that says, “Don’t be 1/11654. Drive sober.” Through awareness, my design will help decrease the amount of people killed by alcohol-impaired driving. As the sculpture can be set in most public areas, it could make a worldwide difference.

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