Amelia Kiefer, grade 12
Design and Architecture Senior High, Miami, FL
Teacher: Eric Hankin

I am presenting data on the lack of condom usage and other birth control by students. I want to show students why birth control is so important by discussing the impacts of not using condoms, regardless of sexual orientation. This will help teenagers who lack proper sexual education. I found my data from news articles discussing how teenage birth control usage has dropped in recent years. I also looked at official government websites, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, that explain the importance of birth control. My design will include a pie chart on the packaging of condoms to show the consequences when they are not always used. This will entice students to scan the QR on the other side. It will share data and raise awareness that lack of condom usage can lead to an increase in STDs and pregnancy. A map will show locations offering birth control and testing. These condoms would be distributed to local high schools. The map can be expanded to other counties and states.

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