Rori Stanford, grade 12
Bergen County Academies, Hackensack, NJ
Teacher: Scott Lang

My data visualization covers the intersectionality of gender and race and specifically the lack of representation of Black women in the arts. I used data from the 2022 Burns Halperin Report. Racism and sexism still exist and individuals who experience both are hindered from making progress in this field. Making people aware of intersectionality could help change it. My design is a painted mural and key located in an art museum. Users can look from afar to see trends over time or walk closer. Each face represents 1,000 artworks. Green is for women, orange for Black Americans, pink for Black American women, and smiley faces for artists that are not women or Black Americans. This design educates artists and people interested in art on intersectionality. It would be displayed in art museums, so a user can experience my design by visiting a museum and observing. It will encourage people to talk about intersectionality, racism, and sexism today.

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