Aviya Afra, grade 11
Grauer School, Encinitas, CA

My design brings awareness to the loneliness and isolation epidemic that seniors face. It highlights a story that represents millions of seniors who lack friendship and companionship. The 4D rendering is comprised of two data sets. Data 1 shows the amount of time one spends with others throughout a lifetime from Our World in Data. Data 2 is a music visualization from a spectrogram extracted from the song “Married Life” by Michael Giacchino. I used color, amplitude, and time to connect Data 2 to Data 1 in my design. The color spectrum correlates to emotions of loneliness throughout one’s lifetime. The blues and purples represent feelings of loneliness and isolation in seniors. My design brings seniors together, providing them with the comfort that they are not alone in these feelings. It also inspires compassion and empathy in younger generations. This will raise awareness and motivate young people to connect with seniors. Regardless of gender, race, or religion, my design can bridge generations.

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