Paulina Caceres, age 17, and Alexis Nicoleau, age 17
Design and Architecture Senior High, Miami, FL
Teacher: Eric Hankin

Covid-19 has affected the way people move from one place to another. The Pod is made for those who have trouble accessing medical assistance. It provides medical services without the need to travel to a hospital and features a touchless system that lowers the risk of Covid-19 transmission. Located throughout the city, the Pod uses a modular design integrated with colorful glass to bring joy to the space and brighten the mood. Inside, there is an interactive digital screen controlled by voice and hand movements that display virtual medical assistants. Other features include a sliding door, seating, disinfecting agent, and solar panels. This design creates a safe environment for anyone who doesn’t have access to medical services and will allow them to not only go out during the current pandemic, but anytime. The use of colorful glass brings joy to the space and brightens up the mood.

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