Allison Casey, age 14
La Jolla Country Day School, La Jolla, CA

People at highest risk for Covid-19 infection, aside from seniors, tend to live in low-income communities and have less access to Covid-19 resources than those in wealthier communities due to barriers such as language, technology, information, and transportation. This makes it difficult for some people who are eligible for the vaccine to actually get vaccinated. Mobile Covid-19 vaccine and testing centers will visit low-income communities daily, giving eligible people vaccines and free testing for anyone. Vaccines will be in a refrigerated truck that will ensure the necessary temperature. Walk-ups and scheduled appointments will be allowed to broaden everyone’s access to Covid-19 related supplies and information. This mobile center will make Covid-19 necessities more widely available and reduce the spread of Covid-19. It will be advertised online and in the neighborhood of the mobile center to increase visibility. Everything will be multi-lingual to reduce the language barrier for access to information. This could also be utilized beyond the pandemic.

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