Aditi Jha, age 16, Nidhi Malpani, age 16, and Yasmina Muradova, age 16
duPont Manual High School, Louisville, KY; Westwood High School, Austin, TX; and The Gatton Academy, Bowling Green, KY

Many people experience addiction in their lives—drugs, alcohol, self-harm, the Internet, etc. As a common experience among all walks of life, it has touched our lives several times. We focused on the topic of addiction and to help people recover. Our design has two parts: a physical-mechanical plant and an app. The plant acts as a motivator for recovery and growth while the app connects people socially and tracks progress. The two are connected by a code and a person’s progress affects the plant’s appearance. The user has the app on their device and may enter progress into a log, which would then reflect the plant’s appearance. This would motivate a person who can’t always take care of themselves to do so for something that’s constantly in need of support, which is an important aspect of health.

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