White Room with Text takes Tracy Kendall’s signature cut and sewn construction one step further with the addition of text. This paper is based on Kendall’s In the White Room first produced in 2002 when it was shown at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York. This is another design from Kendall’s collection of three-dimensional wallcoverings, a designer who does not believe walls need to be represented in two dimensions.

The construction is similar to In the White Room in that the differently-sized rectangular paper bits are sewn onto the backing in evenly spaced horizontal rows. The text, from Shakespeare, is printed in black in a variety of bold fonts. The changing scale and weight of the type creates a false perspective that wreaks havoc with the true relief of the curled paper. Looking at this paper is like a literal interpretation of being in a crowded room listening in on a number of different conversations all at the same time. The play of the varying font scale and typeface creates a visually stimulating design.
Kendall began her wallpaper career in 1996, screen printing large-scale designs of feathers, plants, and cutlery. These panels could be used alone or in groups, and stood over seven feet tall. Her bespoke line of three-dimensional wallcoverings followed and includes this design as well as papers with sequins, jigsaw puzzle pieces, buttons, and fringe. Kendall’s bespoke wallpapers are almost all light in color, which allows for the most dramatic play of light and shadow. All of her panels are custom-sized for individual interiors—this panel length of 10 feet is about average. In the White Room is one of her most popular designs.

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