The People’s Vase
This vase was designed and made by Hilda Jesser. Jesser attended the Kunstgewerbeschule (School of Applied Arts) in Vienna from 1914 until 1917 where she took classes with members of the Wiener Werkstätte whom she designed for from 1916 to 1921. During her time as a student at the Kunstgewerbeschule she primarily focused on fashion...
Iron, Meet Glass
The postwar design era focused largely on improving all aspects of life at home for those who had maintained it during the war and those who were just returning. The remodeled electric iron was one among many postwar innovations, but this Silver Streak iron in particular epitomizes the design period. The Silver Streak’s aerodynamic form...
Blossoms and Birds
The exuberance of pre-WWI style is captured with great panache in this French sidewall c. 1905 – 1913. Cherry blossoms, hanging orchids and host of other gigantic pink flowers burst out from a gnarled moss-laden branch, which snakes its way up the panel. An in-your-face cockatoo, rendered in riotous rainbow colors sits front and center,...
Telephone, "Princess", ca. 1960 Molded plastic, metal. Designed by Henry Dreyfuss Associates. Designed by Henry Dreyfuss. Manufactured by Western Electric Manufacturing Company. Client: Bell Telephone Company. 1990-1-1.
Princess Phone, Henry Dreyfuss
For much of the twentieth century, telephones were standard issue, designed for durability and function rather than consumer appeal. After 1953, color transformed the telephone from a basic technology into an alluring consumer product. AT&T ran ad campaigns encouraging women to see the phone as an element of home decoration. What if new phone models...
Olars by Lars Marcus Vedeler
Olars is an electronic interactive toy from Norwegian designer Lars Marcus Vedeler. Inspired by Karl Sims’ evolved virtual creatures, the colorful toys have adjustable limbs and joints that allow thousands of variations in movement and behavior. Watch the video below to see!   found via Creative Applications Network
Felt at ICFF
1. I was delighted to see that Lerival – Furniture by Architects is carrying Morehead & Morehead’s brilliant Felt Stool (1). This is currently produced in synthetic automotive felt, which is the only reason I didn’t include it in Fashioning Felt. Otherwise its simple folded form says, in brief, everything I love about felt.  ...