Author: Matilda McQuaid

Scarf, Reflecting Well, ca. 2003
Reflecting Well
Reflecting Well, by Junichi Arai, continues his life-long investigation into materials and textile techniques and the transformation of two-dimensional cloth into sculptural and vibrant surfaces. In this polyester and aluminum piece, Arai combines a melt-off technique, which dissolves the metallic thread leaving behind a transparent cloth, with shibori, a type of tie-dyeing technique that, in...
Panel, P.Kasuri No. 46, 2007
Colors within colors
Jun Tomita is a Japanese textile artist who has worked with the traditional dyeing technique of kasuri for over two decades, while adding his own rich and contemporary interpretation. Kasuri, the Japanese word for ikat (which is derived from the Malay-Indonesian word mengikat, meaning "to tie or to bind"), has been popular in Japan since...
Panel, Composition (DH/WD/SI 001), 2004
Raw Elegance
Claudy Jongstra is a contemporary textile designer who practices the ancient technique of felting. Jongstra’s fabrics have a raw elegance that comes from her use of materials such as wild silk, wild linen, and wild cashmere, as well as the special (and proprietary) techniques she has developed in her felting. Jongstra even goes so far...
United Nations Fever
This past week has been a whirlwind of openings at the United Nations in celebration of  newly renovated chambers: the Secretariat, Economic Social Council, and today, the Trusteeship Council chamber.  Each of these rooms, originally given to the UN by Norway, Sweden, and Denmark respectively, were also renovated by these countries — a gift that keeps...