Lift is part of an ongoing series of innovative textiles designed by German designer, Konstantin Grcic in collaboration with Maharam. A sporty, patterned knit, Lift continues Grcic’s exploration of nontraditional textile manufacturing techniques. When Grcic designed his first four nonwoven textiles for Maharam in 2015 he toured production facilities throughout Europe to gain a deeper understanding of the manufacturing processes at his disposal. In Lift, Grcic sought a structured knit and engineered a net of ovals in three different scales, which form a pattern of large vertical stripes. Evenly stacked lengthwise by scale, the ovals ascend in size within the stripe.

Structurally, Lift is a spacer knit: a three-dimensional integrated textile structure with a center of standing fibers that space and bond the two outer layers. Grcic took inspiration from high performance athletic wear, which uses spacer fabrics for their lightweight structural qualities as well as breathability. Lift, which can be used for upholstery or wall covering, is piece-dyed and includes athletic-inspired colors, kelly green and azure, as well as a more industrial palette consistent with Grcic’s earlier textiles.

Matilda McQuaid is Head of Textiles and Deputy Curatorial Director at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum.

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