The Future of Television
This concept sketch for the famed Philco Predicta television (1958–60), an example of which is in the museum’s collection, stands out for its red tuner that recalls the dashboard of a 1950s automobile. The design is the work of Robert E. Doyle, a member of the Predicta design team that was led by Herbert Gosweiler...
Rectangular black screen in tapering red plastic housing pierced with rows of speaker holes on four sides; row of control buttons at front top; hole in rear to accomodate power cord.
TV Beyond the Twentieth Century Living Room
Bulky and cumbersome CRT (cathode ray tube) televisions that occupied a place of pride in living rooms since the 1950s have quickly fallen out of favor in the twenty-first century as LCD (liquid crystal display) televisions boast sleek flat shapes and a clearer picture. One aspect of CRT televisions that brought them to be classified as...
Designing Media – Colin Callender
  This is the fourth interview in Chapter 5 in my new book, Designing Media Colin Callender, February 2009 As a founding member of HBO’s pioneer programming group and the President of HBO Films, Colin played a central role in turning HBO into a powerhouse. He believes that the role of a film or television...
Designing Media – Introduction
Designing Media, a Book, DVD and Website from The MIT Press I was working on Designing Media for a couple of years while I was still at IDEO, before coming to the Cooper-Hewitt. It’s a partner volume to my first book Designing Interactions in that it combines the book with a DVD and a website,...
Designing Media: Colin Callender
One of 31 video segments featured in 'Designing Media', the new book, DVD and website by Bill Moggridge. More info on 'Designing Media' available at As a founding member of HBO's Programming Group and the president of HBO Films, Colin played a central role in turning HBO into a pioneering programming powerhouse. He has...
National Design Awards and the 2008 Presidential Election
Perceptive Pixel’s Magic Wall played a central role in CNN’s rather exuberant coverage of President Barack Obama’s press conference last week on the occasion of his 100th day in office. The press conference was streamed on the White House’s YouTube channel, marking the first time the White House had ever livestreamed a news event. It...
Video: Fashioning Felt on Martha Stewart
Curator Susan Brown and Fashioning Felt designer Janice Arnold appeared on The Martha Stewart Show this week to talk about the exhibition now on view at Cooper-Hewitt. Click the link below to watch the segment. It’s a good thing.
Boym Partners on Bloomberg TV
Watch Constantin and Laurene Boym of Boym Partners, 2008 National Design Awards finalist for Product Design, discuss their design aesthetic on Bloomberg’s Muse Arts.