Sitting on a Sustainable Cloud
The softseating stool is a collapsible form made of white, paper-thin honeycombed polyethylene sheets joined between two white cardboard panels that connect with magnets to form a cylindrical shape. When fanned outward and secured, the polyethylene sheets are sturdy enough to support weight, yet remain comfortable to the user. The stool is portable, lightweight, and...
A Sustainable Seat: The Alfi Chair
The Alfi chair is the product of a 2015 collaboration between British furniture-maker Jasper Morrison and American manufacturer Emeco. ­The chair’s simplicity expresses Morrison’s concept of “Super Normal” design, whereby objects are significant because of their everyday usefulness. The chair’s sturdy stance is in line with Emeco’s history as a manufacturer that prides itself in...
Earth Optimism at Cooper Hewitt
A Smithsonian celebration of Earth Day will focus attention on effective solutions for saving the planet.
“Closing the Cycle”: Sustainable Fashion with Eileen Fisher and Patagonia
In this video, Eileen Fisher and Patagonia’s Nellie Cohen discuss how their organizations have innovated the reuse of textiles in the production process and transformed “closed cycle” design into a profitable business model.
Green Glossary: K for Kibiso
Kibiso is a Japanese word referring to a type of silk waste.
Scraps: Resource List
Online resources on sustainable textiles and fashion.
Green Glossary: G for Greenwashing
Many fashion companies claim to be "green," but are they really?
Make Do and Mend: The Art of Repair
Environmental and ethical reasons to extend the life of old clothing.
Green Glossary: C for Carbon Footprint
The term "carbon footprint" refers to the impact of human activity on the environment based on levels of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.