Green Glossary: G for Greenwashing
Sustainability has become fashion’s hottest topic – at least in words and marketing campaigns. Green, clean, organic materials, natural fibers and dyes, recycled products, eco-conscious… In the abundant sustainability lexicon used by fashion companies for branding and marketing, customers can easily get confused. For instance, natural fibers are not necessarily organic, and chemical fibers such as polyester can...
Make Do and Mend: The Art of Repair
MENDING TRADITIONS Mending used to be a widespread households practice. Linens and clothes were carefully maintained. The main motivation was economic: it was much cheaper to repair fabrics and garments than to purchase new items. Textile history is filled with compelling examples of repairs. In the eighteenth-century Great Britain and Holland, young girls learned how to mend on darning samplers. They patiently filled holes...
Green Glossary: C for Carbon Footprint
The term "carbon footprint" refers to the impact of human activity on the environment based on levels of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Infographic: Environmental Impacts of the Textile Industry
The fashion and textile industry is an intricate business. Do you know how it works?
Green Glossary: B for Biodegradable
While natural and synthetic fibers are nearly 100% recyclable as long as they are not blended, not all textiles are 100% biodegradable.
Infographic: Global Apparel and Textile Insights
Infographic: what you need to know about the fashion industry. In the past forty years, the scale and the geographical distribution of production of the textile, clothing and footwear industries have changed dramatically.
Scraps Stories
Welcome to the blog series inspired by the exhibition Scraps: Fashion, Textiles,and Creative Reuse.
Flight of the RoboBee
Though it weighs in at just 80 milligrams, you’ll definitely want this little RoboBee in your corner. Designers Kevin Y. Ma, Robert J. Wood, Pakpong Chirarattananon, and Sawyer B. Fuller at Harvard School of Engineering and Applies Sciences, in collaboration with the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, followed nature as their guide to create...
Harlem Focus | Up on the Roof: Farming the Urban Rooftop
Join Harlem-based landscape architect Elizabeth Kennedy as she presents her work on the Brooklyn Grange farm, a massive 65,000 sq ft roof towering eleven stories over the East River, atop Building no. 3 at the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard. Constructed as a Stormwater Management Tool funded by a NYC DEP Green Infrastructure Grant under PlaNYC,...