screen print

Printed fabric has a design of wheat sheaves in black against a background of orange and yellow.
The Glow of Althea McNish
Althea McNish (1924–2020) was one of the first Black women designers to receive international recognition for her achievements in design. Her textile Golden Harvest marks the beginning of a remarkable career for an under-recognized pioneer of 20th-century textile design.
Image shows a children's wallpaper with exotic foliage and animals rendered in a naive manner. Please scroll down for additional information on this wallpaper.
Lions, and Tigers, No Bears, Oh My!
This is a delightful wallpaper designed for children. The design is rendered in a very flat perspective and illustrated in a naïve manner, which seems reminiscent of illustrations found in children’s books. A fun and whimsical paper that would allow children to create their own little safaris. The jungle scene contains images of lions, tigers,...
Revitalizing An Industry
In the aftermath of World War II, a number of textile producers attempted to revitalize the industry by enlisting recognized personalities in art and architecture to design screen prints. “Perhaps the most outstanding name collection is Stimulus Fabrics produced by Schiffer Prints,” Alvin Lustig wrote in American Fabrics Magazine in 1951. “There was not a...
Like Living in a Forest
This sidewall, manufactured by Ben Rose Inc., was made to cover the majority of the main wall area, between the chair rail and frieze. Groves was screen-printed in 1955, and depicts silhouettes of leafless trees. Screen-printing entails using a large mesh screen, with each separated design layer printed one after the other by hand on...