American Mod
In 1957, the Scottish fashion designer John Stephen opened a boutique for young men in London on Beak Street. One year later he moved the store, called His Clothes, to 5 Carnaby Street, an inauspicious street in Soho largely filled with rundown warehouses. The retailer soon became noted for his tight-fitting, flamboyantly-colored clothing and drew...
Would You Like a Drink with the Vacation?
After the dust had settled from WWII, people were ready to get back to (or experience for the first time) the good life that had been interrupted by decades of war and depression. These desires manifested quite literally on wallpapers, and during the 1950s there was a trend for designs depicting everything from household appliances...
At center, a spinning black wheel from which extends a black arm with clenched hand. Lightning bolts issue from the fist. At upper right, a red power plant. Imprinted in red, blue, and black, left margin and lower left portion: POWER / THE / NERVE CENTER / OF LONDON'S / UNDERGROUND.
The Power Underground
When it was introduced to London in the 19th century, the first underground railway was revolutionary. Able to provide quick, uninterrupted travel for commuters and easy access to the bustling city from the suburbs, the London Underground promised a better, more efficient future. It would take some convincing, however, to get the general public to...
Cooper-Hewitt: Unity of Opposites: A Conversation with Doshi-Levien
Join London-based design duo Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien in a conversation about their new furniture collection for Moroso that combines handmade and industrial production, a design approach that reflects a cross-cultural creative process. The discussion is moderated by Julie Lasky, Editor-In-Chief of I.D. Magazine.
Designing Media – Airside
This is the fifth interview in Chapter 2 in my new book, Designing Media Fred Deakin, Nat Hunter and Alex Maclean, July 2008 Fred, Nat and Alex are partners in Airside, a London-based creative design agency, with a fluent approach to using multiple media platforms. Fred Deakin is both a musician and a designer. He...
Every Child Should Know About Design
I wish all children in the United States could know about design and have some experience of it before they reach high school age, and that design could be an option in the curriculum during the high school years, so that they could be aware of the value of design thinking in solving problems, or...