Paris, Indoors and Outdoors: Thérèse Bonney
Elizabeth Broman discusses the work of influential Jazz-Age photojournalist Thérèse Bonney.
Who Will Buy?
This paper features a delightful cast of characters. Various street salesmen, framed as if on postcards or playing cards, sell goods as varied as lavender, sassafras, and cod liver oil. In between them Neo-Rococo frames surround names of further goods such as “Tobacco”, “Sugar”, and “Tonic.” Though this paper is from the 1950s, one could...
Felt in Haiti
I had the pleasure of meeting recently with Ton Vriens, a Dutch documentary filmmaker and journalist who, through his foundation Turtle Tree, is working with women in Haiti to develop a felt-making co-operative, with the goal of achieving economic and social independence for the members of the self-governed group. Haiti is one of the poorest...
National Design Awards + Objectified
Gary Hustwit’s latest film, Objectified is playing at the IFC downtown for a limited run. Hustwit himself is seemingly traveling along with the film to nearly fifty venues between now and mid-summer, so both he and the film are likely coming to a venue near you if you happen not to be in New York....