Author: Elizabeth Broman

Image features: Illustration. Cover of The home decorator and color guide by Rockwell Kent. Published by [S.l.] : Sherwin-Williams, 1939. Smithsonian Libraries. Please scroll down to see the blog post about this object.
Rockwell Kent: Interior Decorator??
Rockwell Kent is famous as an early American modernist painter, printmaker, illustrator, writer, sailor and adventurer. Like many artists he did commercial and decorative work in order to earn money and pay the bills. The Cooper Hewitt Library has some examples of this commercial work – designing dinnerware, murals, bookplates, and this interior design and...
Image features The Tyrolian Singer , before and after pulling the pull tab mechanism. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Living Pictures
The Cooper Hewitt Design Library recently acquired another Lothar Meggandorfer (1847-1925) movable book for its pop-up and movable collection. He is known for his children’s book illustrations, but is best known as a movable book designer.
Metal-Work and its Artistic Design
Sir Matthew Digby Wyatt (1820-1877), a well-known British architect and art historian, championed the role of the designer in the manufacturing process.
"The Forest' scenic wallpaper panel from Schmitz-Horning Co.
The Outside Comes Inside
The Schmitz-Horning Co. wall decoration catalogue from 1913-1914 is one of the Cooper Hewitt Design Library’s many trade catalogues. Schmitz-Horning Co. opened in 1905 as a wallpaper and mural manufacturing firm in Cleveland, Ohio.
Learning to Sign
Well known for its collection of children’s books, the Cooper Hewitt Library holds a rare 19th Century illustrated German nursery rhyme children’s book titled Paradiesfibel, written and illustrated to teach sign language.
Cover and image of fairy nowbell flowers
Autumn Fairy Tales and Fantasy
Alpenmarchen tales (Alpine Flowers) is a 1922 illustrated storybook that describes the woodland adventures of two acorn children who are swept away by the autumn winds. Author Ernst Kreidolf (1863-1956) was a Swiss painter largely known for his watercolor illustrations for children’s books about flower fairies and small creatures in the mountains, forests in nature....
It’s Your Deal. Whist, …Five Card Draw?
The library owns books like Researches into the history of playing cards that supports research into the objects in the museum’s curatorial departments. In studying this book, I was able to make a connection between the illustrations and some playing cards in the Cooper Hewitt Museum’s Drawings & Prints collections. This book is an in-depth...
Dancing IS the Jazz Age….Jazz is dancing music. Swing is Jazz music.
American jazz and popular dance tunes- for the foxtrot and other 1920’s and 30’s dances, dominated nightlife and entertainment in the movies and live performance.
The Master Silk Printer
Elizabeth Broman discusses the 1920s trade catalogue The Master Silk Printer.