Emma Wong, grade 10, and Alice Zhou, grade 10
Miramonte High School, Orinda, CA

We visualized the large wealth gap in the United States. We compared low- and high-income populations’ food budgets, graduation rates, and homeownership. These elements of daily life are often taken for granted. We gathered our data from the National Center for Education Statistics, College Board, U.S. Census Bureau, USDA Economic Research Service, and Statista. The center triangle in our design shows the unequal national wealth distribution using icons of people and money. Three tabs show inequalities in food spending, homeownership, and graduation rates. Our design is a call to action. We want to highlight the huge effects of the national wealth gap. Visualizing our data in a digital, easily accessible model helps users better understand this information. Users will be inspired to learn more and advocate for policies that address the wealth gap and work toward an equitable society.

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