Katie Yang, grade 12
Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, Lexington, KY

I am presenting data on the amount of water that teenagers in my community drink daily, from one to eight cups. The majority (66.6%) of survey responders drank less than eight cups daily. Maintaining your physical and mental health is important, especially during adolescence. Drinking enough water can help achieve this. I collected the data myself through a Google Form. Since I wanted to observe the water intake of teenagers, I sent the form to peers in my grade as well as a few who were not in my grade. My design is a water bottle label, with the background being my visualization of the collected data. Each wave is a certain percentage of responders, from one cup to eight cups. This gamified experience of drinking water with goals and rewards empowers people to get in the habit of drinking the daily recommended amount of water. The design is accessible to everyone and can be reusable. It can impact anyone who may need to drink more water.

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