Breanna Avalos-Villatoro, grade 10
Granada Hills Charter High School, Granada Hills, CA
Teacher: Narae Kim

Discrimination is a major issue in our world. Everyone is affected by it, especially indigenous, queer, and disabled people. It causes wars, racism, and, in some cases, murder. I imagine a world where people take a chance to view the world through others’ points of view. My design is an online video game that allows you to live a week through an oppressed person’s point of view. For example, you can live life as an undocumented immigrant, a disabled person, or a queer person. At the end of each day, you’re introduced to various foundations supporting people in the character’s situation. My design promotes understanding and peace between those oppressed and the rest of the world. It would allow all users to experience the hardships and discrimination so many people face every day. It is my hope that this idea would change at least one person’s perspective.

Featured Image: Breanna Avalos-Villatoro, grade 10, Granada Hills Charter High School, Granada Hills, CA, Teacher: Narae Kim