Sasha Palmer, age 17, Marlea Rust, age 17, and Lucy Sheerin, age 17
Springfield High School, Springfield, OR, Thurston High School, Springfield, OR, and South Eugene High School, Eugene, OR

Feeling isolated and like you don’t belong is a common obstacle in high schools. We observed in three different schools how these feelings can feed anxiety and depression. Later, we spoke with a psychiatrist who confirmed our hypothesis and discussed how awareness and acceptance is an important step in treatment. The goal of our design is to create more awareness and acceptance of anxiety and depression. Our design does this by spreading the message that it is okay to struggle. We help the cause by bringing positivity and inclusion through stickers and decals. Our design is meant to bring joy to those who want or need it. This can include people with severe illnesses and everyday struggles. Sometimes something as simple as a positive message can brighten someone’s day or open their mind up to new perspectives on life.

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