Lila Nathanson, age 18, and Adriana Poznanski, age 18
Communications High School, Wall Township, NJ
Teacher: Laura Fallon

People of all genders may feel discouraged with skincare and beauty products that aren’t catered to them. In a growing world of non-binary gender identification, people need to feel accepted now more than ever. Users might feel targeted for purchasing these products, but self-care is a necessity, gender aside. Shim is a skincare and beauty brand that breaks boundaries. It opposes the binary conversation surrounding self-care, and instead proposes that all skin should be nourished in the same way. It surpasses the shortcomings of existing gender-neutral product lines: a steep price that prevents accessibility for all. Shim is inviting and inclusive in its marketing. Product names and scents are not gendered, and campaigns feature people from across the gender and racial spectrum. Accessibility in cost and empathy in branding encourage use from underrepresented audiences, and acceptance from those in the majority.

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