Robin Paul, age 14, and Abel Vayalinkal, age 14
Granada Charter High School, Granada Hills, CA
Teacher: Jackie Ying

Prisoners face exclusion because they are not able to talk with others about subjects in the news and aren’t able to get jobs because of a skills deficit. This makes it hard for them to reintegrate into society. A design solution to combat the problem of recidivism is access to education. A way to effectively educate people is through seminars and conferences that inform them about current events in politics and culture and technological developments that occurred during their incarceration. The design solution creates inclusion because with knowledge of how society has changed, they will be able to relate to and discuss topics with others. This will facilitate support systems and stop ex-prisoners from falling into a cycle of crime.

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Thank you for your post!
I can agree that prisoners face exclusion and this makes it hard for them to reintegrate into society: Your solution is great!

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