Dara Girel-Mats, age 16
Design and Architecture Senior High, Miami, FL

In Miami, the city attempts to control sanitary problems downtown, however, it doesn’t address the challenge that the homeless face with hygiene. The homeless have their dignity stripped away because there are not enough public spaces that include showers and bathrooms or allow access to basic sanitary products for women. By designing mobile restrooms and showers, we can target any spot in Miami that needs them most, redirecting money from cleanup to prevention. The units are also equipped with things that account for the area’s climate like sunscreen and bug spray, along with sanitary products and hand sanitizer. The project is a way to empower the homeless who are often excluded from society, treated as inhuman. This project shows the homeless that they won’t be left behind, and provides a chance to keep pushing forward against their hardships to work for a better future.

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