Taylor Fang, age 17, and Hsar Sar Lwin, age 18
Logan High School, Logan, Utah

We have struggled with language barriers growing up that have made it difficult to form friendships and a sense of community. English as a Second Language (ESL) students are separated from the rest of the school—further leading to exclusionary labels and snap judgments. Unlabel is a mobile app that connects immigrant and refugee youth. Unlabel allows students to create unique profiles, schedule group hangouts and tutoring, and join open activities like interfaith dinners and volunteer projects. By highlighting stories, passions, and traditions, the app creates a welcome space and community for ESL students. Connecting students across borders, the app gives ESL students a platform to not only share their stories and experiences, but to find peer support and form intercultural friendships. Unlabel is more accessible than a physical space and can be used within both schools and communities.

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