I was scrolling through some images and came across this bandbox fragment. This appears to be about half of the side panel of a box which has been flattened and probably framed at some point. This is a specially printed bandbox paper illustrating a battle or conflict of some sort, though I’m having trouble identifying the scene. To prompt the printing of this scene on a bandbox it must have been fairly identifiable at the time.

In the center of the scene is a house or shelter, with a figure visible in the upstairs window. There are two figures standing on the roof, along with three men with horses, each dressed in a similar uniform with conical hats. There is another soldier wearing a different uniform with a plumed hat, apparently standing in water, firing his rifle at the bird cage riding on the third horse. One of the birds is flying out of the cage which is maybe what prompted the soldier to take aim, as another bird is apparently attacking his back. And what about those dogs, do they look vicious or what? The one dog has jumped up onto the second horse, about to get that guy’s jugular!

My best guess is that this is a scene from the Battle of Bennington of the American Revolution, fought on August 16, 1777, just outside Bennington, Vermont. The German Grenadiers involved in this battle wore similar head attire, as seen in the image below, while some of the American uniforms included plumed hats. The foes were planning to raid Bennington to loot horses and supplies, unaware that the town was heavily fortified with militia. So allowing for artistic license, crude woodblock printing, and the aid of a few Google searches, the scene starts to make sense.

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