This is one of my favorite novelty papers as it is not only visually attractive but appeals to a number of other senses as well. I find myself drawn to the use of complementary colors, with the bright red cherries on the green foil background. Designed by Michael Angelo and produced by Flavor Paper, Cherry Forever is the first commercially produced scratch & sniff wallpaper so it also appeals to one’s sense of smell. To release that fragrance it must be scratched so touching is encouraged. The scratch & sniff wallpapers are screen-printed using micro-encapsulated scented oils on a Mylar foil ground and are available in three flavors: Cherry, Banana, and Tutti Fruity. If you’re not sure you want to live with the fruity scent they are also available unscented. These scratch & sniff wallpapers use a technique developed by 3M in the 1960s to produce carbonless paper, which was first used to encapsulate scented oils in 1965. It employs the same technique used in magazine ads for perfumes and colognes, where, instead of scratching, you unfold the flap to break the cells.

Flavor Paper is a Brooklyn-based company that produces both screen-printed and digitally-printed wallpaper. For both printing process they use water based inks or eco-solvents to be as green as possible and eco-friendly grounds are available for both. Michael Angelo is a hairdresser, makeup artist, photographer and designer, and the owner of Wonderland Beauty Parlor located in the heart of NYC’s Meat Packing District. Upon the release of the scratch & sniff collection in 2007, Wonderland was papered with the scented designs.

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Hi; I remember a scratch and sniff ad in a magazine with a Beautiful lady lying on a bed. She was smiling and had brunette hair. This was some sort of perfume or hair spray ad. This would be sometime in the early 70s. Would anyone know where this was from? Please contact me soon. Best Wishes to all of you. Sincerely, Tom

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