furnishing fabric

Textile, New York, USA, 1959, hand screen printed cotton velvet, Gift of Jack Lenor Larsen, 1973-54-2
The Effulgence of Country Gardens
Jack Lenor Larsen (b.1927) is one of America’s most prolific and innovative twentieth century textile designers. He came to prominence in the 1950s with his distinctive hand-woven casement fabrics for the commercial contract market. But he was not surprised to later become best known for his sumptuous printed fabrics like Primavera. For Larsen, it was...
Sample, USA, 1958, designed by Alexander Hayden Girard, American, 1907–1993, screen printed with discharged on 40% cotton, 15% rayon, 45% mohair, Gift of Alexander H. Girard, 1969-165-165
City Blocks
Alexander Girard produced over three hundred textile designs during his almost thirty-year tenure at Herman Miller, an important American furniture company and promoter of modern design. That Girard was trained as an architect should come as no surprise – like many architects of his generation, he had experienced firsthand the challenge of finding textiles appropriate...
Textile: "Falcon Hunt," by Herman A. Elsberg (American, 1869–1938)
The Collector as Designer
American textile designer and collector Herman A. Elsberg (American, 1869–1938) designed this eye-catching furnishing fabric in the early 1920s. It was hand woven on a Jacquard loom at Elsberg’s factory in Lyon, France. Gold gazelles leap under the watchful eyes of silver falcons on a brilliant green ground scattered with clusters of leafless dark blue...
Textile, Motus, 1970; Gaetano Pesce for Expansion; Screen printed cotton velvet; Gift of The Lake St. Louis Historical Society, 2001-30-1
Gaetano Pesce was trained as an architect in Italy, but has also practiced in Paris and currently works in the United States. An extremely successful and influential designer, Pesce has established a reputation as an architect who is opposed to specialization. He has experimented, in his words, in “all fields of creative activity.” His multidisciplinary...