Fresco is a hand-drawn and -painted textile created by a team of Indian calligraphers. Formerly employed to paint cinema billboards, these painters now produce craft fabrics. The uniqueness of each textile is only discernible under close scrutiny, when one notices slight variations of lines and the occasional stray ink marks. This overall consistency of application reveals the skill of the painters especially when painting a relatively small geometric pattern that is “repeated” over many meters of fabric. The pattern is an abstract interpretation of palm leaves and represents a return to nature. Painted in thick pigment on a silk and viscose ground, Fresco has a similar quality to some of the block-printed textiles by Raoul Dufy in the collection, which also have a painterly quality.

The fabric is available in malachite, dark chocolate, powder blush and canary colorways, and used primarily for curtains and pillows.

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