Image features white 3D-printed construction toy kit connectors of various shapes and sizes. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Preserving 3D Data and 3D Prints
This week’s posts feature case studies from Cooper Hewitt’s Digital Collections Management Project, a conservation survey of born-digital and hybrid objects in the permanent collection. The two-year project was coordinated by an in-house team of conservators, curators, and registrar, and was conducted by digital conservation specialist Cass Fino-Radin and his team at Small Data Industries....
Necklace with pendant suspended from four coiled plastic loops on clear acrylic tube strung with black hemp cord knotted with four red plastic pony beads. Pendant: clear vinyl pouch stitched with red thread to form four sections,each holding a found object: a die-stamped tin toy car; a wooden domino tile; a wooden nickel; and a small wooden disk showing the Coca-Cola logo. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Preserving the Precious
In celebration of Women’s History Month, March Object of the Day posts highlight women designers in the collection. This necklace was made by Ramona Solberg in the early 1970s. It was in her private collection, and until her death she was its only owner. The pendant is a simple interpretation of reliquary jewelry which usually...
A Miniature Playhouse
Imaginative author Robert Louis Stevenson wrote in his 1884 essay, A Penny Plain and Twopence Coloured, “If you love art, folly, or the bright eyes of children, speed to Pollock’s…”[1] The toy theatre was a beloved pastime in 19th-century England that appealed to the creativity and craftsmanship of children and adults. Benjamin Pollock inherited his...
Olars by Lars Marcus Vedeler
Olars is an electronic interactive toy from Norwegian designer Lars Marcus Vedeler. Inspired by Karl Sims’ evolved virtual creatures, the colorful toys have adjustable limbs and joints that allow thousands of variations in movement and behavior. Watch the video below to see!   found via Creative Applications Network