Polish graphic design

On beige background, in black, a human skull appears to be flying toward the viewer with outspread eagle wings. Behind him follows an innumerable "flock" of text--a repetition of the word "ptaki" (birds) in varying fonts of varying sizes. At the top, left of center, the inscription "niesamowity film / ALFREDA HITCOCKA / wykonawcy: Rod Taylor / "Tippi" Hedren Jessica Tandy / Suzanne Pieshette / produkcja: Hitchcock-Universal".
Fear and Flight
Constraints are often said to offer the best conditions for creativity. During the communist era, Polish graphics flourished. Due to the lack of external influences, poster designers needed to create their own isolated yet diverse visual language.[1] Cut off from Western iconography, these creatives were tasked with advertising the few American films that penetrated the...
Monster Hands
Andrzej Pagowski is a leading member of the third generation of the Polish School of Poster Art. By actively interpreting a subject with emotionally charged images, often drawn or painted by hand, these designers tell stories through the medium of the poster. Pagowksi created this poster for the Polish distribution of Roman Polanski’s legendary 1968...