Image features a car with bright headlights is shown driving across a bridge at night. Lights in the distance are reflected in the water. A light bulb is encircled in the upper right-hand corner, emphasizing the product the car is utilizing. At the bottom of the poster appears the brand name PHILIPS in large orange block letters with white dashes. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Illuminating the Road Ahead
When Louis C. Kalff was hired by Philips in 1925, the company was one of the largest producers of lightbulbs in the world. Kalff created a brand identity for the company, including the iconic logo. For this poster, Kalff illustrated a car whose piercing bright headlights illuminate the scene. The stylized arcs and angles reflect...
How Design Thinking Led to a Beautiful LED Lamp
This September, Switch Lightbulbs will launch its twenty-first-century version of the ubiquitous incandescent bulb, which is slated to be phased out in the United States starting in 2012, according to the Energy Independence and Security Act authorized in Congress in 2007. The Switch LED bulb looks similar to the classic screw-in, but features some significant...