Harlequin Furniture
This cleverly designed library table conceals a nearly six-foot ladder, whose steps may be put up or taken down in mere seconds. It was built after designs published in 1793 by the London cabinet maker Thomas Sheraton, who in turn was inspired by a piece made by Robert Campbell for the private library of Prince...
For the Love of Books
Today, let’s talk books. Or rather, a trompe l’oeil wallpaper printed to appear like a well-stocked bookcase in someone’s library. This is one of the livelier, not to mention convincing, bookcase wallpapers I have seen. And it’s no wonder, it was created by the brilliant decorator, muralist and trompe l’oeil painter Richard Lowell Neas. Many...
book cover
Dancing with Modernism
Written by Gretchen Von Koenig Elements of Geometry by Euclid is one of the most printed books in the world, second only to the Bible. A critical subject for any branch of mathematics, Euclid’s Elements is a timeless book and certainly an ideal project for Bruce Rogers, one of the most prolific American book and...
after pineau library
An Enlightened Man Cave
The interior decoration depicted in this drawing is extremely fashionable for an eighteenth-century home. This design exhibits the quintessential light and airy Rococo features of arabesques, s- and c- scrolls, vegetal motifs and swags, all with the appearance of symmetry. The layout of the boiserie, or wall paneling, aids in the creation of symmetry within the...
Art Nouveau, all over the floor!
The Cooper Hewitt Library has a number of linoleum catalogs. Carpettes Linoleum is our newest, and to date, earliest one. This flooring trade catalog from Lancaster, England was printed for distribution to French consumers, who like many other European and American buyers, liked the durability, versatility, cleanliness, and the variety of designs available in linoleum...
Die harmonie der Farben by Guichard #4 small
Rarity of Color Harmony
A significant acquisition to the Cooper Hewitt Library’s special collections in 2014 was Édouard Guichard’s Die Harmonie der Farben (The Harmony of Colors). A rare and important work heavily influenced by the 1839 De la loi du contraste simulanté des Couleurs by M.E. Chevreul, this edition was published in Frankfurt Germany in 1882. Profusely illustrated...
the circular building with rusticated lower tier supporting set back upper tier with double columns between window bays, alternating blind and paned windows, surmounted by a domed top with finials around and a spire above, all replicating the Radcliffe Camera building in Oxford England.
An Epicenter of Learning: The Radcliffe Camera
Anyone who has seen Inspector Morse or Lewis pursue the latest murder in the academic city of Oxford, England, will recognize this beacon of academia rising up amidst the Gothic colleges of Oxford University. Centrally located it is an important architectural landmark, designed in baroque style with Palladian elements to be the university’s Radcliffe Science...
Bill Moggridge’s Books
The global design community suffered a great loss when Bill Moggridge passed away in September 2012 following a battle with cancer. Bill was a pioneer of interaction design, a co-founder of IDEO, and director of the Cooper-Hewitt museum. Here's the story of his personal library, which is now open to the public digitally and physically.
The 21st-century Design Library
A conversation about libraries in the 21st century. This event was held in Cooper-Hewitt's newly renovated National Design Library. Features Gary E. Strong, University Librarian, UCLA, and Stephen H. Van Dyk, Head of the Art Division, Smithsonian Libraries. Moderated by Nancy E. Gwinn, Director, Smithsonian Libraries.