Kieran Timberlake

2010 National Design Awards: Architecture Design – KieranTimberlake
The winner of the 2010 Architecture Design Award is KieranTimberlake. Founded in 1984, the firm is noted for its integration of research with design, and a deep environmental ethic. They design for clients in the arts, public institutions and private residences—and will design the new US Embassy in London. Presenting the Architecture Design Award is...
Cooper-Hewitt: The Winner’s Panel 2010
2010 National Design Award winners participate in a panel discussion about their inspiration and drive as designers and the state of contemporary design in America. Moderated by Stephen Doyle, Communication Design Winner. Speakers include:
Tom Dair, Smart Design, Product Design Winner
 Stephen Kieran, KieranTimberlake, Architecture Design Winner
 Ellen Neises, James Corner Field Operations, Landscape Design Winner