human body

Image features a white nylon prosthetic leg spanning mid-thigh to foot; hollow form, jointed to bend at knee and foot. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Next Steps in Prosthetics
This 3D-printed artificial limb prototype represents the use of innovative digital manufacturing technology to meet the enduring need for prosthetics, which has been experienced by individuals around the world and at all economic levels. This technology requires no medical specialists, only access to a tablet-based application and an easy-to-use scanner. This is of particular relevance to the...
Image features black and white, close-up photo of a person's behind. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
No Butts About It
The direction for Film No. 4, an early work by Yoko Ono, began with simple instructions: “String bottoms together in place of signatures for petition for peace.” The 80-minute film, created in 1966-67, showcases a series of bare bottoms in the midst of walking. The images are accompanied by a soundtrack composed of interviews with...
Image features matte gold brooch with coral accents in the form of an abstracted female torso. Please scroll down to read the blog post about this object.
Golden Imperfections
Confrontational, playful, and even cartoonish are some of the adjectives that describe Manfred Bischoff’s style.  Born in the Black Forest town of Schömberg, Bischoff began his training as a goldsmith’s apprentice and went on to study with Reinhold Reiling and Hermann Junger, both trailblazers in the modern art jewelry movement in Germany. Bischoff’s style was...
a deep blue hardcover book with tattered edges, and title printed in gold relief.
The Chakras
Last year, our librarian Stephen Van Dyk picked up this slender blue hardcover at a rare book auction. He didn’t know exactly what a “chakra” was, but still he found the worn old book remarkable, if not a bit weird, for its striking illustrations of big painted circles. I was surprised to see this book...